Haines City Ribs on the Ridge 09
Our first contest.  Came in right in the middle of the pack, but our brisket placed 6th!  A little cold for a Cracker, but a load of fun!
BBQ Competition!
Talk is cheap!  Who really does have the best BBQ?  Put up or shut up!  Well after a lot of bragging and taking a lot of razz, we finally joined the Florida BBQ Association and entered a contest to see how we really stacked up against the backyarders and the pros.  Now we're hooked!  We had a blast.  The BBQ crowd are a great bunch of folks to hang out with.  Show up at noon on a Friday, get your meat inspected, begin preparations, then kick back Friday evening while the meat's in the marinade.  Cookin Low and Slow means the first meat's on at 9 PM to meet an 11 AM turn in time, but once on, you can go back to the hangin out part.  Cook all through the night with your Crew.  Our goal is to enter 4 contests a year.  We also got certified as judges!